Week 13

Unfortunately I happened to be sick this past week and my parents flew away to Mexico so not much has been done for my genius hour. I have a plan of what I want my genius hour presentation to look like; I will start by telling the audience what my background is and how I started skiing at a young age. Then about how I did not achieve my goal and what I learned from it. To finish the presentation I will make a video comprised or all my clips this season

Week #10

I missed last Friday due to genius hour endeavors in Fernie BC. It was 5 deggrees there, and not much new snow but that didn’t stop me from trying some more backflips. I am also going to launch pad to get more practice this Friday. See videos below.

Week 9

Over the holiday I went to Lake Losuie a fair amount, over that time i tried some 360’s and a backflip. I am making plans to go to a trampoline pad, to work on form. Unfourtanlty I cannot say that I landed the backflip but I can say I’m over the hump, meaning its not as scary. After the attempts I watched alot of videos finding my mistakes. Thier was a ton more control from attempt 1 to attempt 2. See below,

Attmpt 1 of this year
Attempt 2 of this year

Most of my plan is working, just a minor setback with the instuctor thing not going to happen, and if it were to happen it would be spring break which wouldbe to late.

Week 8

Lake Lousie e-mailed me back this last week and said they don’t do lessons for airel flips so my plan is to email various peopl and or buisness’s for tips instead. I also went to my cousins house and made a new jump with hope that it will be a good enough for a back-flip. My cousin and I spent the entire time building and we didn’t get to ride it, but we know we need more speed. Some good news is I got some new skis and I have some confirmed dates of ski trips, a week starting at new years and 3 days in Fernie after the break.

Genuis Hour Week 7

Over the last weekend I went ot Lake Louise and went skiing. I was feeling slightly sick and had a minor headache so I didn’t go very hard, my legs were also feeling it as it was the first real time I went skiing so far. I worked on style for most the day and tried a couple 180’s (halfspins). I am going again definilty after new years and I might go for some eekend before then.

Week #6

I was wrong about the ski trip it wasn’t last week it’s this week and now I have the videos from last week as well. I learned a lot from that weekend the first being, that the rail is too short and the problem has been solved by finding another rail in my Cousin’s house. Here are the videos.

Genius Hour Week 5

This week was been good and bad, the bitter cold has made it frozen my cousins rail and my own rail, but it has been snowing so it has been good in that way. I also spent lots of time watching ski movies (clips not like netflix), and how to videos to give me a little guidance. But this weekend I’ll be going to Lake Lousie and I’ll go skiing.

While I was at my cosuins house I tried a 360, the jump was a little small but I still got most of the rotation. I am far better at 180’s now because I can stay backwards with more control. If my cousin doesn’t send me the videos this class I’ll post them in the next blog.

Genius Hour Week 2

This week I found many things some where good some where not so good. To start the weekend I went to my cousin Seth’s house. Before I arrived we went to a community swimming pool in Sherwood Park.

I practiced my flips with Seth, but a lifeguard told me to stop doing backflips because my head was close to hitting the board. So from then on I practiced dives and frontflips. When we got to his house, Seth and I made a jump and a rail behind it. What worked really well for building was the soft snow, but the rail had a hard time staying in the snow. So after awhile we decided to leave it to freeze.

The Rail Seth and I Made

The rail in my backyard also suffered from the heat as some of the snow melted away in my yard, I can’t reallyy do anything but wait for more snow, becuase it took so much snow to make it.

This is what happened to my genius hour project this week.

Genius Hour Update

Over the weekend I went hunting so I didn’t have a ton of time for my genius hour project. But with the time I did have I made a ramp with a rail see below.

There is a little jump to get onto the rail and if I want I can take the rail out and just have the jump, I have yet to use it as the snow was too sticky and soft yesterday. I plan to use it today as it is colder and hopefully has hardened a little bit. For help understanding how to do certain tricks and so I’m not completly cluless I can go to youtube and watch some How-to videos.